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University of Nebraska Press Permissions Request

The undersigned agrees as follows:

1. Full credit will be given to the University of Nebraska Press, and the copyright notice imprinted on the copyright page of the publication or on the first page of each quotation covered by this permission on every copy manufactured, all in the form specified.

2. Payment of the required fee will be made on or before date of publication.

3. One copy of the work will be forwarded upon publication to the University of Nebraska Press, addressed to the Journals Department, attention: Manjit Kaur.

4. This permission covers only the use specified above and specifically does not cover translation, digest, abridgement, or selections that may be made of the publication, nor use of this material in any edition other than above specified, nor in any edition produced by or for a book club with a membership of more than ten thousand, nor visual and/or sound reproducing and/or recording rights. It will be necessary for you to apply for new permission for any new edition or for change from paperback to hardcover or hardcover to paperback editions. This permission does not extend to e-book or e-journal versions. This permission does not include license for storage in a digital database nor use in any electronic publication medium and may not be included in a website of posted on the Internet.

5. This permission does not apply to any part of the selection that is independently copyrighted or bears a separate source notation. The responsibility for determining the source of the material rests with the prospective publisher of the quoted material.

6. Permission is extended to publication or transcription in Braille, large-type editions, or recordings for the blind and other special editions for use by the physically handicapped by approved non-profit organizations, only if such edition is neither sold nor rented for a fee.

7. The permission granted herein shall terminate if the work is not published within two years following the date of execution of this agreement or if the work remains out of print for a least six months.
Note: your typed signature will be considered your legal signature and agreement to abide by the above guidelines


The foregoing application is hereby approved, subject to the conditions above stated, and subject to the payment of $_________ as the permission feel, and provided that the following form of credit and copyright notice is used as specified in paragraph 1 above: (to be supplied when sent to the University of Nebraska Press for signature)

Date of approval:___________

Approved by:_______________________________________, University of Nebraska Press