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Spring/Summer 2018 Book Catalog


Fall/Winter 2017 Book Catalog

Journal of Black Sexuality and Relationships
 Edited by James C. Wadley

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ISSN  2334-2668

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The Journal of Black Sexuality and Relationships is devoted to addressing the epistemological, ontological, and social construction of sexual expression and relationships of persons within the African diaspora. The journal seeks to take into account the transhistorical substrates that subsume behavioral, affective, and cognitive functioning of persons of African descent as well as those who educate or clinically serve this important population. Quantitative, qualitative, and conceptual articles, book reviews, and letters to the editor address various cultural substrates (e.g., age, race, gender, sexual orientation/identities, ability, spirituality, etc.) that intersect or weave themselves in/out of sexual expression, romantic relationships, and/or friendships. Interdisciplinary in nature, the journal includes perspectives from a variety of fields including psychology, sociology, education, psychiatry, human development, social work, social policy, and anthropology.

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Volume 4, Number 1 (Summer 2017)


Editor's Note: Toward the Critical and Creative Explorations of the t/Terror Narratives of Black and Brown Girls and Women to Inform Social Justice for Emotional Justice through New Literacies Studies
Jeanine M. Staples

First-Person Prayer for Reclaiming the Body
Martina Powell

From Invisible, to Ho, to Magic: A Narrative Examination of the Ways That Literacies Disenfranchise and Empower Black Girls
Stephanie Anne Shelton

Black Feminist Literacies: Ungendering, Flesh, and Post-Spillers Epistemologies of Embodied and Emotional Justice
Samantha Pinto

Damn, I Love the Strippers!: A Black Feminist Analysis of Rihanna's "Pour It Up"
Heidi R. Lewis

Beyond the Side Eye: Black Women's Ancestral Anger as a Liberatory Practice
Julia S. Jordan-Zachery

Beyond Blurred Lines: Black Girls, Urban Teacher Education and anti-Rape Pedagogy
Ashley N. Woodson and Dorinda J. Carter Andrews

?Walking through the Dark Forest: Embodied Literacies for Shadow Work in Higher Education and beyond
Kakali Bhattacharya