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Spring/Summer 2018 Book Catalog


Fall/Winter 2017 Book Catalog

Nineteenth-Century French Studies 46:3-4
Seth Whidden, Journal Editor

Single Issue (Individuals)
Single Issue (Institutions)
Biannual double issue
ISSN  0146-7891

Available Electronically Through:

Nineteenth-Century French Studies was awarded the Phoenix Award for Significant Editorial Achievement! Read more about the award here!

Nineteenth-Century French Studies provides scholars and students with the opportunity to examine new trends, review promising research findings, and become better acquainted with professional developments in the field. Scholarly articles on all aspects of nineteenth-century French literature and criticism are invited. Published articles are peer reviewed to ensure scholarly integrity. This journal has an extensive book review section covering a variety of disciplines. Nineteenth-Century French Studies is published twice a year in two double issues, fall/winter and spring/summer.

The NCFS Sourcebook series presents articles from past issues of Nineteenth-Century French Studies that are relevant to the upcoming Agrégation de lettres modernes. The fourth in the series, Le Cousin Pons by Honoré de Balzac: A Sourcebook for the 2019 Agrégation de lettres modernes, is now available. 

Volume 46, Numbers 3&4 Spring/Summer 2018

Volume 46, Numbers 3 & 4 (Spring/Summer 2018)

Incipit: The Nineteenth Century (Mis)Reading the Eighteenth
William Paulson and Caroline Weber
     Excising Enlightenment
     William Paulson
     Reading and Misreading Versailles
     Caroline Weber

Incipit: The Twentieth and Twenty-First Centuries (Mis)Reading the Nineteenth
Gerald Prince and Debarati Sanyal
     On (Mis)reading the Nineteenth Century (and the Twentieth)
      Gerald Prince
     Quelque chose de blanc: Flaubert and the Matter of History
     Debarati Sanyal

Special Section: “Chateaubriand: Mapping the Post-Revolutionary World”
Edited by Jean-Marie Roulin

Jean-Marie Roulin

From Spain’s Moors to Spain’s Colonies: Chateaubriand’s Mapping of Liberty and Equality in Les Aventures du dernier Abencérage
Fabienne Moore

Chateaubriand’s Time Travel in Tunis and Carthage: An Archaeology of Mappings
Khalid Chaouch

Fragments d’un voyage en France
Fabio Vasarri

A Nation of Foreigners: Chateaubriand and Repatriation
Andrew J. Counter

Recompositions territoriales: Quand la Révolution rebat les cartes (Mémoires d’outre-tombe, livres I à XII)
Jean-Marie Roulin

Le Sourire de Marie-Antoinette: la mort en surimpression dans Mémoires d’outre-tombe
Dominique Jullien

Published online at

Spectacle and Social Reform
Mortara, Elèna. Writing for Justice: Victor Séjour, the Kidnapping of Edgardo Mortara, and the Age of Transatlantic Emancipations
Sarah E. Mosher

Schreier, Lise. Gens de couleur dans trois vaudevilles du XIXe siècle
Roxane Martin

Kerley, Lela F. Uncovering Paris: Scandals and Nude Spectacles in the Belle Époque
Hope Christiansen

Thomson, Richard, et al. Seurat’s Circus Sideshow
Jennifer Forrest

Peyrebrune, Georges de. Les Ensevelis. Édité par Jean-Paul Socard
Lydia de Haro Hernández

In Sickness and in Health: Love, Hygiene, and Morality
Counter, Andrew J. The Amorous Restoration: Love, Sex, and Politics in Early Nineteenth-Century France
David A. Powell

Worley, Sharon. Love Letters and the Romantic Novel during the Napoleonic Wars
Beatrice Guenther

Cavé, Isabelle. État, santé publique et médecine à la fin du XIXe siècle français
Melissa Bailar

Lee, Susanna. Hard-Boiled Crime Fiction and the Decline of Moral Authority
Kathy Comfort

Glaudes, Pierre, and Marie-Françoise Melmoux-Montaubin, editors. Barbey d’Aurevilly: perspectives critiques
Karen Humphreys

Charles-Wurtz, Ludmila, and Judith Wulf, editors. Lectures des Contemplations
Thomas Connolly

Marrinan, Michael. Gustave Caillebotte: Painting the Paris of Naturalism, 1872–1887
Anne Leonard

Le Blanc, Alissa. (Re)dire: Jules Laforgue et le poncif
Claire White

Brown, Kathryn, editor. Perspectives on Degas
Michelle Foa

Sensory Studies
Kalba, Laura Anne. Color in the Age of Impressionism: Commerce, Technology, and Art
Kristan M. Hanson

Harkett, Daniel, and Katie Hornstein, editors. Horace Vernet and the Thresholds of Nineteenth-Century Visual Culture
Barbara Wright

Kolb, Katherine, editor. Berlioz on Music: Selected Criticism 1824–1837
Arline Cravens

Scott, Hannah. Broken Glass, Broken World: Glass in French Culture in the Aftermath of 1870
Claire Nettleton

(Dis)Assembling Flaubert
Brooks, Peter. Flaubert in the Ruins of Paris: The Story of a Friendship, a Novel, and a Terrible Year
William Olmsted

Le Calvez, Éric, editor. Dictionnaire Gustave Flaubert
Allan H. Pasco

Leclerc, Yvan. Madame Bovary au scalpel: genèse, réception, critique
Éric Le Calvez

La Vie Au Quotidien
Sainte-Beuve, Charles-Augustin. Le Cahier brun (1847–1868). Edited by Patrick Labarthe with Bénédicte Élie
Benjamin McRae Amoss

Loti, Pierre. Journal, Vol. V: 1903–1913. Edited by Alain Quella-Villéger and Bruno Vercier
Richard M. Berrong

Socard, Jean-Paul. Georges de Peyrebrune (1841–1917): itinéraire d’une femme de lettres, du Périgord à Paris
Lydia de Haro Hernández

Paliyenko, Adrianna M. Genius Envy: Women Shaping French Poetic History, 1801–1900
Martine Reid

Hernikat Schaller, Laura. Parodie et pastiche dans l’œuvre poétique de Théodore de Banville
David Evans

Vaillant, Alain. L’Art de la littérature: romantisme et modernité
Rosanna Gangemi

Staron, Anita. Au carrefour des esthétiques: Rachilde et son écriture romanesque 1880–1913
Melanie Hawthorne

New Methods, New Audiences
Saint-Amand, Denis, éditeur. La Dynamique des groupes littéraires
Patrick Thériault

Laisney, Vincent. En lisant, en écoutant
Katherine Lunn-Rockliffe

Belenky, Masha, Kathryn Kleppinger, et Anne O’Neil-Henry, éditrices. French Cultural Studies for the Twenty-First Century
Alain Lescart

Demanze, Laurent. Les Fictions encyclopédiques: de Gustave Flaubert à Pierre Senges
Raphael Koenig