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A Journal of the Environmental Humanities
 Edited by Stephanie Foote, Anthony Lioi, and Dana Luciano

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ISSN  2330-8117

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Resilience is a digital, peer-reviewed journal that provides a forum for scholars from across humanities disciplines to speak to one another about their shared interest in environmental issues and to plot out an evolving conversation about what the humanities contribute to living and thinking sustainably in a world of dwindling resources. The focus on narrative skill, critical thinking, historicity, culture, aesthetics and ethics central to the humanities and to humanistic social sciences provides a crucial research complement to the endeavors of scientists in addressing current planetary crises, and the mission of Reslience is to share that perspective with a broad academic audience. 

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Volume 2, Number 3 (Fall 2015)

“This Marble Head in My Hands”: Green Greeks and the Question of the Parthenon
Yanoula Athanassakis

Garbage and the Politics of Mixing, in Wolf, Ravishankar, and Sen’s Trash! On Ragpicker Children and Recycling
Dana C. Mount

Plant-Art: The Virtual and the Vegetal in Contemporary Performance and Installation Art
John Charles Ryan

Toward a Speculative Nanoecology: Transscalar Knowledge, Disciplinary Boundaries, and Ecology’s Posthuman Horizon
Zach Horton

“Live in Your World, Play in Ours”: Video Games, Critical Play, and the Environmental Humanities
Megan Condis

The Power of a Preposition: A Review of Thinking with Water
Eleanor Hayman

Review Cluster
Introduction to Studio Ghibli
Anthony Lioi

“See with Eyes Unclouded”: Mononoke-hime as the Tragedy of Modernity
Kristen L. Abbey

Neutering the Monster, Pruning the Green: The Ecological Evolutions of Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind
Nathaniel Heggins Bryant

Carnivalesque Ecoterrorism in Pom Poko
Todd Andrew Borlik

Mio Bryce and Jason Davis

The Tale of the Princess Kaguya
Mio Bryce and Jason Davis

Spirited Away: Negotiation between Capitalism and Reminiscent Environmental Ethics
Weeraya Donsomsakulkij

My Neighbor Totoro: The Healing of Nature, the Nature of Healing
Kosuke Fujiki

Totoros, Boar Gods, and River Spirits: Nature Spirits as Intermediaries in the Animation of Hayao Miyazaki
Chris G. Hall

Only Yesterday: Ecological and Psychological Recovery
Roger W. Hecht

Creatures in Crisis: Apocalyptic Environmental Visions in Miyazaki’s Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind and Princess Mononoke
Gwendolyn Morgan

The Secret of Kells: Through a Forest of Darkness and Light
James T. Spartz

Taoism, Shintoism, and the Ethics of Technology: An Ecocritical Review of Howl’s Moving Castle
Carl Wilson and Garrath Wilson