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Theoretical & Applied Ethics
Chris Herrera, Journal Editor

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ISSN  2156-7174

Available Electronically Through:

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Theoretical & Applied Ethics is a journal of philosophical ethics with an emphasis on interdisciplinary scholarship in ethics and work that links ethics with other areas of philosophy such as metaphysics or epistemology.The articles published in T&AE represent current trends in fields such as medical ethics, business ethics, ethical theory, and meta-ethics, as well as philosophy of law, science, sport, and business.

Volume 1 issue 1 is available here.
Volume 1 issue 2 is available here.

 Volume 2, Number 2 (Winter 2013)

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Stanley Milgram and the Ethics of Social Science Research

From the Editor

Is Milgram's Deceptive Research Ethically Acceptable?
Diana Baumrind

Baumrind's Reflections on Her Landmark Ethical Analysis of Milgram's Obedience Experiments (1964): An Appraisal of Her Current Views
Arthur G. Miller

The Difference between Blind Treatment and Blind Debriefing: A Response to Baumrind
Augustine Brannigan

Milgram's Obedience to Authority: Its Origins, Controversies, and Replications
Harry Perlstadt

Deception and Illusion in Milgram's Accounts of the Obedience Experiments
Gina Perry

Milgram and the Prevalence of Anthropocentrism
Frank Jankunis

The Milgram Obedience Experiments and the Problem of Studying Authority Figures in Political and Social Science Research
Sara R. Jordan

The Milgram Trap
Edward Erdos