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Spring/Summer 2018 Book Catalog


Fall/Winter 2017 Book Catalog

Women in German Yearbook
Feminist and Gender Studies in German Literature & Culture
Edited by Waltraud Maierhofer and Carrie Smith-Prei

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ISSN  1058-7446

Available Electronically Through:

Available Electronically Through:

Women in German Yearbook is a refereed publication presenting a wide range of feminist approaches to all aspects of German literature, culture, and language, including pedagogy. Reflecting the interdisciplinary perspectives that inform feminist German studies, each issue contains critical inquiries employing gender and other analytical categories to examine the work, history, life, literature, and arts of the German-speaking world.

Volume 32 includes a special section on race in German Studies. Parallel to this special section, a few pieces that are very different format than a standard article were published exclusively on the  website. These include an interview (with an MP3 link), a book review essay, and a personal essay. You may find them here:

Volume 33 (2017)



Editors’ Introduction

Fissures of Empfindsamkeit: Tonal Shifts and Literary Depictions of Femininity in Goethe and Wezel 
Sarah Vandegrift Eldridge

Matricide and the Trauma of Birth in Hofmannsthal’s Elektra 
Judith Lebiez

At War: Thea von Harbou, Women, and the Nation 
Erika Quinn

The Perfect German Woman—Gender and Imperialism in Arnold Fanck’s Die Tocher des Samurai and Itami Mansaku’s The New Earth
Christin Bohnke

No “Innocent Victim”? Sexual Violence Against Jewish Women During the Holocaust as Trope in Zeugin aus der Hölle 
Kerstin Steitz

Julya Rabinowich’s Transnational Poetics: Staging Border-Crossings in Theater and Fiction 
Christina Eiko Guenther

Women in German Prize Winners (2016)

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